Female Hormone Program
I am offering a female hormone program based on my training with Dr. Rosensweet at Menopause Method. This series does not include the full health assessment and treatment found in the Core Road Map. This only addresses female hormones.

Every woman has a unique balance of hormones that is right for her. Getting that balance is important for her health as well as sense of well-being.

After training with Dr. Rosensweet, I believe the Menopause Method is the safest, best product for bio-identical hormone treatment. Our product is Bio-identical hormones in an organic oils base that does not contain solvents.

The program starts with a questionnaire to assess your overall health and hormone status. Next, we meet to review your hormone health and determine the starting dose for you. A follow up consultation at 4-5 weeks will determine how you are doing and decide further dose adjustments. Once you are happy with you hormone balance, we will order testing to make sure your lab results are not too high or too low. A second follow up will occur 6-8 weeks later. By that time we have usually dialed in your best dose with the best safety profile.

You will be ready for annual visits at that point.

Here are charges for this program;
Initial questionnaire, visit, and starting information:                          $295

First Follow up Consultation                                                             $175

Subsequent follow ups                                                                     $175

Annual Visit                                                                                      $295

Below are two videos with more information

Getting Your Hormone Doses Right

Hormone Application