Complimentary 10-15 minute phone consultation
Speak by phone with Dr Sawyer to see how she can help you.

Compass Consult: Explore a new direction for your health
Included in your consultation is a Comprehensive Functional Medicine Analysis.  
Dr Sawyer believes it is important to uncover the root cause of your disease which is why she includes a Functional Medicine Analysis in your consultation. 
$195     50 minutes

How Dr Sawyer and Functional Medicine can help you.
      • My experience and training
      • Functional Medicine treats root causes
      • Lifestyle and Nutrition are your best prescriptions

Your Functional Medicine Analysis and Your Goals

      • Identify your life events and disease triggers
      • Discover your core imbalances
      • Functional review of your recent lab testing
      • Share your health concerns and goals
      • Understand the impact of genes, environment and lifestyle choices

Why choose Dr. Sawyer
• Develop a caring and collaborative relationship
      • Create health using Food, Nutrition, Relaxation, and Sleep as Medicine

      • Maximize lifestyle to get a solution that works for you

Core Road Map
Included in the Core Road Map Plan, you will receive 2 Functional Medicine Analyses

to map your journey.  

$1497     3 Visits with Dr Sawyer
The Core Road Map experience with Dr Sawyer will address your concerns,
identify system imbalances, and discover your unique nutrient needs, genetics,
and impact of your lifestyle choices on your health. Based on exploration of
your Functional Medicine Analyses, health story and functional lab testing, Dr Sawyer will make specific recommendations that will start you on a path to healing with your own
Personalized Lifestyle Medicine Plan.

Dr. Sawyer’s goal is to create and nurture a caring and collaborative experience for you.
In addition to your face to face visit, Dr. Sawyer dedicates additional time prior to and
following your visit reviewing your history and lab results to plan for your success.

First Visit
80-90 minutes
      • Share your health goals and expectations
      • Map out your life events and disease triggers
      • Discover your core imbalances
      • Review recent labs
      • Discuss current medications and the impact on your health
      • Assess your Lifestyle: food/nutrition, sleep, movement, stress   
        reduction,  relationships, and toxins
      • Choose your next steps for lifestyle change.

Second Visit
50-60 minutes - 1-2 weeks after initial visit
      • Check in on lifestyle progress
      • Set new goals for continued lifestyle change
      • Review recommended functional, genetic and nutritional lab testing*

Third Visit
80-90 minutes - 4-6 weeks after 2nd visit

      • Review progress on lifestyle changes
      • Discover your uniqueness revealed by functional lab testing*
        (the review of up to 2 functional lab tests are covered in Core Road map)
      • Plan specific solutions based on testing
      • Produce your conclusive Functional Medicine Analysis
      • Co-create your Personalized Lifestyle Medicine Plan

Female Hormone Program
Every woman has a unique balance of hormones that is right for her. Getting that balance is important for her health as well as sense of well-being.
For more information on Female Hormone Program only  Click Here

Additional Consultation (established patients, as needed)

$325     50-55 minutes
      • Additional visits may be recommended if it is appropriate for your
        circumstance and needs

*Functional Lab Testing
 Functional Lab Testing is not included in Dr. Sawyer’s services.
 Testing is billed separately and paid directly to the laboratory.
 Dr Sawyer uses a variety of innovative functional medicine laboratories.   
 Some of their lab tests are covered by insurance. Dr Sawyer works
 with you to select the right tests that will be the most cost-effective
 and useful for your needs.

 Partner with Dr Sawyer for Success 
      Having a plan and implementing a plan are two different things!     
      Dr Sawyer would be happy to continue to work with you to ensure your   
      success with your Personalized Lifestyle Medicine Plan.
      • Six sessions over 3 months     $1,497     50-55 minutes each
            (established patients in office)
     • Six sessions over 3 months        $850      25-30 minutes each
            (established patients only by phone or video conferencing)

        Dr. Sawyer’s goal is to provide you with an exceptional experience that   
        allows enough time to share your concerns and for Dr Sawyer to   
        completely understand your needs as a whole person. Due to the in-depth
        nature of practicing Functional Medicine and the time required to discover
        and resolve root causes, Dr Sawyer is unable to participate in commercial
        insurance. She is happy to provide you with a detailed receipt of services
        performed for you to submit to your insurance carrier.

        Doctor Sawyer has also opted out of Medicare and therefore, her services
        are not covered by Medicare. Some lab tests she will recommend are
        covered by Medicare.
       Payment is due at the time services are provided in the form of cash,
       check, MasterCard, and Visa.

Dr Sawyer as Consultant
      Dr. Sawyer serves her patients as a consultant and educator.
      She is available by appointment in her Naples office and by video  
      conferencing for established patients.

      Patients will need to rely on their primary care physician for management of
      medications, annual physicals, prostate or breast exams, pap smears,
      immunizations, acute conditions, emergency concerns, and other care   
      typically covered under health insurance.